The End of Green Eagle?

found online by Raymond

From Green Eagle:

I started following not just the far right, but fringe religious and scientific beliefs too, in the late 1960’s. At first it was an amusement to follow the likes of the National States Rights Party, or Scientology or General Semantics, or lunatic Evangelical religious groups. But around the time of the Reagan administration, I began to see that these perverted people just refused to give up their malign idiocy, and they were starting to attract funding from rich sociopaths that believed they could personally benefit from encouraging the public to detach its political views from rational thinking.

At that time I began believing that what was happening, if it remained unchecked, could result in such a right wing surge in the United States that we could find ourselves facing a fascist takeover that could sweep away everything we thought was unalterable about our country. Well, with a couple of exceptions, no one believed me. I even had an acquaintance who is a psychiatrist, who started out thinking I was a paranoid schizophrenic, who a few years later admitted that everything I had said had proven to be true.

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