Last Russia Scandal Question: Time For Trump To Go?

found online by Raymond

From Shaun Mullen at The Moderate Voice:

There will be no single smoking gun that will bring down this White House.
It will be death by firing squad . . . as the whole story inexorably pours out
of the administration’s smoldering ruins. ~ FRANK RICH

From the outset of what became known as the Russia Scandal, three big questions have predominated. Did the Russian government interfere in the 2016 presidential election to try help elect Donald Trump? Did the Trump campaign collude with Russia in that effort? And did candidate Trump himself know of the interference and collusion?

The first question was answered definitively a year ago. Yes, there was a Vladimir Putin-directed cyber conspiracy to sabotage Hillary Clinton because Trump was seen as being considerably more sympathetic to Russia’s global interests.

The second question was answered definitively over the weekend. Yes, the Trump campaign’s inner circle, including family members Donald Trump Jr. and son-in-law Jared Kushner, enthusiastically colluded with Putin’s surrogates.

The third question has not yet been answered definitively, but soon will be. Yes, Donald Trump actively encouraged the collusion while claiming the interference was “fake news” and subsequent investigations a “witch hunt.”

All that, in turn, raises a fourth question: Isn’t it time for Trump to go? Of course it is, but not so fast there, kemosabe.

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