9 thoughts on “Fondly Remembering Obama – 7/14/2017”

      1. Ryan,
        Standard con-servative C.R.A.P. (Cult of Right-wing Authoritarian Personalities) dogma, of course. Take it from a likely “arrogant commie” and “prime example of the problem, with his hate-filled, projectionist diatribes”.

        We should all learn honesty, humility and compassion from Mitch “Shut-Up-Woman” McConnell, Paul “Let-Them-Die” Ryan, and ISIS enabling warmongers Bush Jr. and Cheney. And most of all, our Dear Leader Trump, unlike Obama, a truthful man of unmatched human decency.

        Yup. Them guys is humble, salt of the Earth, real Murakins. And we can learn leadership, civility and patriotism from the Montana Republican thug who knocked a journalist to the ground. Yup.

        No arrogance and self-importance, or war on journalism to be found here, folks.

        It’s them what got “value$”, doncha know.

        Obama, an arrogant self-important black man with no values, is clearly the villain among that group. Trump warned us that Obama wasn’t a real American and a bad leader, unlike our brother and fellow patriot Vlad Putin. “Thank you Russia”, is our new national motto, I believe.

        Just sharing a vital lesson I’ve learned from my studies of CRAP-ology.

    1. He doubled-down, Ryan.

      I still don’t understand how Obama has ever been perceived as arrogant and self-important, outside of a couple of pictures that T.Paine hates when people view out of context.

  1. Come on Trey! That was funny! 😉

    Doesn’t anybody have a sense of humor any more?

    (You had a few good ones in the past on this continuing series of Burr’s.)

    1. Trey’s humor on these posts is mostly non-political. Yours–when it is even humor–is consistently politically antagonistic on a site populated mostly by liberals. In this case, you additionally insulted most of a country. What kind of response did you expect?

    2. I do enjoy joining you in creating captions for this series. I do try to be funny when I do so. In 2.5 years when Burr starts a series remembering Former President Trump, I hope I can insert humor into those as well.

  2. Ryan, sometimes it is good to laugh at ourselves and not take everything quite so seriously, especially considering the heated discourse that sometimes occurs on Burr’s blog here.

    Trey, for the record, I think a lot of your comments are humorous and I too look forward to Burr’s future series lampooning Trump to join in with similar captions.

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