Sarah Palin is Suing NYT

found online by Raymond

From Vixen Strangely at Strangely Blogged:

The recent shooting of a US Congressman and others by a deranged individual who seems to gotten radicalized against the GOP online resulted in an editorial about dangerous political speech in The New York Times, which included an unproven claim that was subsequently scotched, namely, that Sarah Palin, former half-term Alaska Governor and VP candidate, somehow encouraged Jared Loughner in his 2011 gun rampage that left several dead, and a US Congresswoman with severe head trauma. Sarah Palin, indignant that her exercise of free speech has been, however temporarily, maligned in this way, seeks suit against NYT for their intentional “blood libel”, I guess.

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2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin is Suing NYT”

  1. Ah, yes. This’ll get people talking about Palin again. I look forward to not hearing about the results of this suit and her next gasping attempt to hold onto a semblence of relevenacy.

  2. Millions of dollars from other idiots just isn’t enough for the sad whiny girl. All this does is point attention to the crosshair rifle sight adds.

    It’s important to understand, unlike Gabby Giffords, poor Sarah is the REAL victim here.

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