Is It Too Soon?

found online by Raymond

From Max’s Dad:

Crystal Griner is a black gay woman married to another woman. The kind of person who people like Scalise abhor for whatever reason lies in their sick minds. David Bailey is a black man. So when a black man and a black woman save this right wing kook’s life, you may think that a lot of views may become murky. Gun nuts who favor mentally ill domestic abusers being able to walk into any gun store and buying whatever the hell they want may think a bit more about their definition of freedom. They may think a bit more about accepting money from a terrorist organization like the NRA. They may think that since a black man and a black gay woman saved the life of a powerful House member maybe their views on gay rights and civil rights are outdated and plain wrong. Maybe they will think of the danger they faced that day and stop being pricks and love their fellow man no matter their color, their sexuality, their religion or their gender.

Christ what am I thinking?

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