10 Things the GOP Doesn’t Want You to Know for Tax Day

found online by Raymond

From Jon Perr at PERRspectives:

Tax Day 2016 arrives a few days late on Monday, April 18th. But the toxic talking points from the GOP are right on schedule. The usual Republican broadsides about “Gestapo-like tactics” from the Internal Revenue Service and its “armed personnel in flak jackets” have been joined by new sound bites from the GOP’s best and brightest. At an Americans for Tax Reform conference hosted by Grover Norquist, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch warned that the Internal Revenue Service “is the most feared federal agency in the country.” Rep. Bill Flores (R-Texas), the chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee, declared the IRS is “ineffective, it’s inept, it is crooked and it’s vindictive.” Meanwhile, Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce apparently placed identical newspaper op-eds in all 50 states lamenting, “This year, Washington, D.C., is expected to rake in a record-breaking $3.36 trillion in tax revenue, $115 billion more than it did last year.”

But while the Republicans are only too happy to remind you about the horrors of taxation in general and the IRS in particular, they’d prefer to stay silent on about their roles in gutting the agency, starving the U.S. Treasury of tax revenue and redirecting trillions of dollars to the very richest among us. Here, then, are 10 helpful Tax Day reminders the Republican Party want you to ignore.

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