9 thoughts on “Fondly Remembering Obama – 5/31/2017”

  1. I was sure Mr. Paine had a photo of the Pope smiling with Trump. I’m disappointed, but not surprised, given the vast open differences between the Pope and Trump.

    I hear the Pope tried to reason with him on climate change.

    I wouldn’t smile with that racist birther and idiotic climate change denier either.

  2. God love you, Burr. I cannot… stop… laughing.

    I suppose on some leftwing sites, a conservative counterpoint would indeed be considered spam since diversity is for all things except diversity of ideas.

    I have always respected your intellectual honesty towards fairness accordingly, my friend. If only the rest of the world would follow your example.

    1. Aunt Tildy tends to discard as spam any comment that contains only a link. Mostly she’s right (witness majormajor). Not this time.

    2. I tell my spouse about the world, or at least the neighborhood, being a better place if everyone would follow my example. But she still insists that I mow the lawn.

  3. I would not be surprised at all if the Pope (like many European leaders, it seems) was unhappy to be dealing with Trump, but I’m skeptical of most narratives presented through facial expressions, especially in only a handful of pictures or short videos. The one about Trump being unable to look Obama in the eye when they met before Trump took office, for example, was nonsense. It’s Manipulation 101, but knowing the basics of manipulation doesn’t stop people from being manipulated.

  4. Well, the pictures may or may not correctly depict the pope’s feeling about Obama and Trump. However, they do correctly depict the feelings of the majority of Americans.

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