Adventure in Europe, Secrets in Embassy, Violence Everywhere

1 thought on “Adventure in Europe, Secrets in Embassy, Violence Everywhere”

  1. The testimony of Driftglass nails the truth behind the Great American Tragedy.

    First, the only thing you Republicans truly excel at is lying. Lying about your party’s past. Lying about its present. Lying about its future. Lying about math and science and God and history. And most of all, constantly, pathologically lying about Liberals.

    Unhinged hatred of the Imaginary Left is now such a fundamental element of the GOP psyche, that now it just rooooolls off the tongues of the Pig People without them even noticing.

    … millions of brand new “independents” who all believed, with a wild and fanatical fervor, that Barack Obummer was a Kenyan Usurper who was going to kill their sainted white grannies with Muslim Brotherhoods and New Black Panthers and Saul Alinskys and Death Panels.

    And they got away with it…

    Donald Trump is not destroying your conservative movement. He is just throwing a very inconvenient, million-candle-power spotlight on the rotting, squirmy, midden pile of racists, con men, imbeciles and demagogues that your conservative movement has always been.


    They have become a neo-fascist cult that listens only to their authoritarian leaders; their leaders who demonize unions, journalists, scientists, educators, and liberals who dare serve the truth and call out their hate and lies. The far Right’s view of the “Imaginary Left” is formed by these fascists, from “loonie libtards” to “Lügenpresse,” (lying press) a Nazi slur shouted at a Trump rally.

    Now they openly cheer physical assault on reporters. “Heil, Trump! Death to the Lügenpresse!”

    This is the rabid ideology that has taken over our country. We must never let them forget they are a minority.

    This is the Great American Tragedy. Thanks to “good conservatives” and the party of “value$”.

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