Shaken’ Bacon!

found online by Raymond

From Max’s Dad:

Bacon was running scared from Town Halls earlier in the year. He would hold “town halls” via conference call. He would hold “town halls” with only invited guests. He would say no public Town Halls because he was afraid of “outside agitators”. He also claimed the “outside agitators” were paid by George Soros or Karl Marx or somebody. Bacon is indeed an idiot used to telling boot strappers what to do and having them do it no questions asked. This whole democracy thing is new to Don Bacon.

But Bacon could hide no more. He would put his stupidity out there for all to view. And he held “Town Halls” publicly, In safe areas. In the white sections of town, in the middle of the day, on weekdays, with little notice. Yet some still showed up to express their dissatisfaction with the Little General.

Yesterday, Don Bacon held a town hall in a little town called Bennington.

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