On Letting The Clown Out Of The Box

found online by Raymond

From driftglass:

For almost a quarter of century, a basic tenet of all Conservative media from The Weekly Standard to Fox News to Hate Radio to Breitbart has been the relentless delegitimization and demonization of the press, of Liberals, and of any president with a (D) after their name who attempts in any way to govern as a Democrat.

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2 thoughts on “On Letting The Clown Out Of The Box”

  1. And we must NEVER call them fascists for doing what fascists do. That would be as bad as calling them racists when they say racist crap. It would be as bad as calling them greedy for reducing taxes for the rich and cutting food stamps for the poor.

    Calling out racism is the “new racism”.- Bill Maher

    Let’s add, calling out hate is the new hate, and calling out lies is the new dishonesty.

    Ignorance is strength. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Orwell’s study of totalitarianism illustrates the methods of the American radical Right.

    The slime machine of the hateful Right is wrong, whether factually, morally, ethically, or reality based. Their chosen Leader has shown the Right will embrace a character utterly lacking in intellectual curiosity, honesty and basic human decency. This reflects directly on them. Buh-lieve me. Ignorance is their only excuse, if that could by used to justify their hate at all. Their fears and resentments and ignorance have been fed and fueled by the Right. Now they have created their monster.

    Their “values” are a lie, just like their media, their party of Mammon, and what remains of their vanishing inner voice of conscience.

    This is what authoritarianism is, and what it does. The only course their ideology of hate and greed in service to the interests of the economic elites can follow will lead us to less health care, fewer safety nets and public services, and more death and privation.

    This is what has become of American Conservatism. It has grown into authoritarianism and seeks one-party totalitarian rule. Two parties will work as long as Democrats “know their place” as the token opposition. They are very good at that.

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