Aunt Tildy Spanks an Unruly Commenter

Burr recovers and will be back soon. Really he will.

In the meantime, we are entertained by a rare event.

Our own sweet and gentle Aunt Tildy found it necessary to spank an unruly commenter.

The exchange followed a link to a post by Dave Dubya:

From majormajor:

You used to be a respectful intelligent liberal blog. That was until you published this thread.

From Raymond:

Thank you for your comment, majormajor.

I will certainly pass it on, although it might help if you could think of a more specific objection.

From majormajor:

You don’t understand “disgusting”?

From Aunt Tildy:

Now, M&M, I’m sure Raymond knows that “disgusting” means “nauseating” and “stomach turning”.

He just wanted to know what it was that specifically upset your little tummy.

One other thing, child:

Please try to play nicely with others.
Remember, I know your mother.

We have been walking softly around Aunt Tildy ever since.

7 thoughts on “Aunt Tildy Spanks an Unruly Commenter”

  1. Gee why am I not surprised that you edited the exchange, nothing new with that.
    Liberal manners?
    “Turn on TV or browse your newsfeeds on social media, and you will be bombarded with polemics about the sky falling and credible threats of violence against conservative figures.
    And yet, when it comes to this constant flow of threats, there seems to be little outrage from the nation’s leading journalists and pundits.”

    Yet using the word disgusting calls for a spanking?

    1. Thank you, major.

      I’ve been a little out of touch for a few days, so it took me a bit to catch up. I suppose we can get some brush cleared before I offer two observations.

      • We welcome alternative views. However, I’m not sure what you believe is demonstrated with your link to a disconnected opinion piece about violence. I have looked through Aunt Tildy’s comments and I see no hint of a physical threat. Did her language intimidate you in a way that I do not discern?
      • You strike me as intelligent enough to know that “using the word disgusting” was never an issue.
      • While our reprint of the exchange did leave off the second humiliation you experienced, that was because it was composed and ready for print prior to your attempt at rebuttal. You may feel that your final implication, that good manners and a decent respect for others are the exclusive province of liberals, formed some definitive argument. Your response strikes me as feeble at best. And I imagine most of my conservative friends would disagree with your premise.

      Which brings me to my two observations.

      First, Aunt Tildy was indeed uncharacteristically aggressive with you. She is generally the epitome of gentleness, no matter the provocation. That said, I don’t see any lines she crossed. In fact, I don’t see any lines she even came close to crossing.

      Second, and I hope you don’t take this as additional insult, whatever humiliation you experienced at the hands of Aunt Tildy you kind of had coming. Ray’s request for a specific objection was entirely straightforward and thoroughly legitimate. Your queasy disgust at the points made by Dave Dubya might better have been cured by some valid argument. Additional angry vehemence may have seemed compelling to you, but it still leaves me mystified. Whatever were you trying to get at?

      I’ll close with what I hope you will accept as friendly advice. If you truly wish to continue revisiting the twin scenes of what apparently were painful embarrassments for you, we are willing to accommodate. On the other hand, you may want to move on, possibly having learned from the experience: even if all you learned is never to mess with Aunt Tildy.

      That is something the rest of us could have told you at the outset.

      If you wish to have the last word, this may be your best opportunity.

      1. Oh well, looks like another liberal blog is going to ban me, how diverse of you Burr.

        1. My mothers death was not humiliating to me. It was a painful event. Thanks for the caring.

        2. “First, Aunt Tildy was indeed uncharacteristically aggressive with you.” Admission of guilt, but no apology?

        3. I find the endorsement of Dave Dubya’s blog disgusting on your blog as it is counter to the very standards you hold for your blog. Have you read any of his post’s or exchanges on his blog? You have lowered your standards. That’s disgusting.

  2. I’m sorry about the terrible misunderstanding over my “Something Smells” post. I would like to bring closure to this untidy situation by admitting this is all my fault.

    I understand Majormajor’s unwillingness to revisit the final straw that left him disgusted and angry. He was irked that I had the temerity to expose a falsehood he cited that was intended to demonize Democrats. My liberal manners failed to alert me to the shameful rudeness of suggesting a conservative could impart anything not 100% honest and factual.

    I thought we arrived at an understanding of the facts, but this seemed to have been the last disgusting straw his delicate constitution could tolerate:

    Majormajor has admitted (with dubious sincerity)”Jim O’Neill is a liar.” And the Jim O’Neill lie Majormajor propagated was, “when President Trump honored the widow of a fallen American SEAL the Democrats sat stone-faced and silent.”

    Mr. Paine kindly intervened on Major’s behalf, informing me I was “a bit over the top” by disproving the falsehood, followed by my uncivil request for retraction or admission of falsehood. Apparently I was also employing lies, although Mr. Paine, in his mercy and wisdom, declined to indicate the alleged untruths I may have expressed.

    I can only hope for forgiveness for my disgusting behavior. If not, Majormajor may plead for my banishment for being so far out of line. I take full responsibility for his unfortunate disgust.

    Major, as a token of penance and good will, I extend my condolences for the loss of your beloved mother.

    I also apologize to Aunt Tildy for upsetting Majormajor, and causing his anger to be misdirected at her. I should have known better. I’m guessing this is why liberals are blamed for everything bad in the world.

    I will endeavor to mind my liberal manners more conscientiously in the future.

  3. Now boys, M&M has explained that he is an orphaned waif who believes he is to be banned.

    He is a fragile soul. Please try to be especially nice to him.

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