What’s That Smell?

found online by Raymond

From Dave Dubya:

On behalf of the American people, I’d just like to say this.

Thanks a lot, Vlad.

First came Dear Leader’s open invitation to Russia to hack Hillary and side with him in the election. That began with the famous words, “Russia, if you’re listening…”

Apparently they were.

We recall Trump had praised Putin for being a “better leader” than President Obama. I guess killing critics is a sign of good leadership to our Dear Leader.

That’s comforting.

Then Trumpist Paul Manifort had his ties to Russia that included working for the pro-Russian former president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych.

Next General Mike “Kremlin Boy” Flynn, Trump’s appointee for national security adviser, had to resign over his dirty dealings with Russia.

Is something is starting to smell here?

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7 thoughts on “What’s That Smell?”

    1. Thank you for your comment, majormajor.

      I will certainly pass it on, although it might help if you could think of a more specific objection.

    1. Now, M&M, I’m sure Raymond knows that “disgusting” means “nauseating” and “stomach turning”.

      He just wanted to know what it was that specifically upset your little tummy.

      One other thing, child:

      Please try to play nicely with others.
      Remember, I know your mother.

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