A Public Service Announcement about the Oscars

found online by Raymond

We found this last night, but James is always worth reading: even a day late.
From Wisconsin conservative James Wigderson:

Tonight a bunch of overpaid actors and actresses are going to engage in an orgy of self-congratulations about how wonderful they are. Many of them will forget their actual place in the world to take the opportunity to make political statements, irritating half the country that voted for Donald Trump, and even many of us who didn’t.

I haven’t watched the Oscars since that awful movie Shakespeare in Love won best picture*. If the director had any integrity, he would’ve burned every print available and thrown himself on the pyre before allowing Miramax to distribute it. That it won the year after the even more awful American Beauty won best picture was the final straw.

If you truly love the movies, TCM has two great films back-to-back tonight:

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1 thought on “A Public Service Announcement about the Oscars”

  1. As someone who owns the first four The Thin Man movies on DVD and many of Dashiell Hammett’s books and short stories, I approve of Mr. Wigderson’s suggestion for counter programming. Great movies. Great reads. Nick and Nora? Fantastic, witty characters. Superb dialogue.

    Re: Shakespeare in Love: Though not my choice for best picture, It’s far from awful. I guess we all need our reasons. I sometimes watch these awards shows… if for nothing else to experience the cringe of what people say or what they wear. I chose not to watch this year’s Oscars… which I guess is too bad since I hear there was quite the debacle during the Best Picture announcement.

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