6 thoughts on “Fondly Remembering Obama – 2/28/2017”

    1. Thank you, T. Paine.

      Actually, since there were two busts of Winston by the same sculptor – the other being in the residence – the one in the Oval office was returned to the British to make room for a likeness of Martin Luther King.

      The British explained that they expected the Winston bust to be returned once the Bush Presidency ended because it was there only as a loan.

      Regardless of the existence of another Churchill bust, the moving one of them out to make room for the Rev Dr Martin Luther King predictably riled many conservatives.

      Present company excepted, of course.

  1. Interesting that President Trump found room for both the Churchill and the Martin Luther King busts in the oval office.

    From that bastion of conservative bias, the Washington Post: ” Meanwhile, the Obama White House for years misled reporters about whether the president had a hand in the decision to return the bust. Clearly, Obama misunderstood the symbolism of removing the bust from the Oval Office and was embarrassed to admit it.”


  2. There are so many things more important than whether or not the busts of MLK and Churchill were removed from the Oval Office at some point and so little objective meaning to the decision in either case. But maybe I should join the ranks of the outraged and demand that Trump include busts of my own favorite people and that no future president ever remove them.

    1. Ryan, of course you are right. There are far more important things to worry about in the world, particularly considering the constant foolishness of Trump’s actions and words. That said, the media sure was quick to jump on Trump when they failed to notice MLK’s bust in the oval office.

    2. Always room for snark, I suppose. All thje more so when it comes from our friend T. Paine.

      On the other hand, after Republicans installed a bust of Rush Limbaugh in the Capitol rotunda of Missouri in Jefferson City, I kind of think they’ve run out of reasons for outrage, and have little room for anything snide.

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