4 thoughts on “Fondly Remembering Obama – 2/24/2017”

  1. Gee, I wonder if that is Georgetown University where President Obama was decidedly not arrogant when his administration asked that all signs of God be removed from the wall behind him where he was scheduled to make a speech. No arrogance or buffoonery there at all.

    The truly sad thing is that this Catholic university shamefully complied with the un-arrogant request.


    1. Thank you for that link, T. Paine.

      Andrew Malcolm’s piece relies on a myth that has been repeatedly exploded. There was no instance in which the President or his administration made any such request, and no case in which Georgetown University performed any such action.

      You really should expand your sources of information.

      1. Well then, that bastion of conservatism known as the LA Times lied to us all then. So did many other outlets of the mainstream media, including various network radio affiliates and even on Catholic radio.

        Perhaps I was imprecise when I spoke saying that religious symbols were removed, when in actuality they were only covered and hidden from the viewing audience. And of course, this was not specifically “asked for by the administration” as a sign of anti-religious bias. It was done merely to provide for a “presidential backdrop”.

        1. Actually, the LA Times frequently prints opinion pieces by guest writers. They are not reports, and there is no pretense that those writers agree with the editorial opinion of the publication.

          As a Fox News reader, you may be unfamiliar with that sort of practice.

          The traditional prohibition against placing governmental symbols in front of religious symbols goes back many years, something your sources may be hesitant to include in the information they provide to you.

          As has been reported there were many religious symbols visible above the President and on the walls around the assembly. I believe the number reported was 64.

          Partisans may want to ignore that fact in their zeal to invent a controversy.

          Present company excepted, of course.

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