Alternative Facts and Real Propaganda

found online by Raymond

From Vixen Strangely at Strangely Blogged:

On Sunday, Kellyanne Conway tried to cover up for Sean Spicer’s peculiarly lying and hostile beration of the assembled media for reporting a verifiable thing–that the crowd for Donald Trump’s inauguration was a bit thin–by asserting that he was providing “alternative facts.”

“Alternative facts”, Chuck Todd was forced to explain, would be “falsehoods”. Because facts are things that are true. The alternative to them is things that are not. He did not use the more accusatory term “lie”, although if Trump spin keeps trying to soulcycle their way through reality, they might discover that indoor and outdoor spinning ain’t the same animal and that no matter how tough an artificial regime is, it isn’t the dirt bike trail of actual politics–lying might still be, new political climate or not, an “eat-dirt” wipe-out event where policy rubber meets the human road. (Damn. That extended metaphor. Fuck it. I’m keeping it. Tom Friedman eat your heart out.)

So give it another day, and WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer is back out here “disagreeing with facts”.

Yep. Still on about crowd size for some bizarre reason.

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