Art Foreshadows Life — Scapegoating the Truth-Tellers

found online by Raymond

From Infidel753:

A couple of weeks ago I was watching some clips from the 1983 TV miniseries “V” on YouTube, and I suddenly realized that part of it was powerfully reminding me of recent events. If you’re not familiar with “V”, in a nutshell, one day a fleet of huge alien spaceships appears and deploys over cities all over the Earth. The apparently human-looking aliens explain that their mission is benign, and a period of friendly contact begins, despite ominous signs like the aliens’ fascistic-looking red uniforms and omnipresent display of a vaguely swastika-like symbol. Behind the scenes, however, they are subverting and taking over the world’s governments and media. Suddenly, it is announced that a global conspiracy of scientists against the aliens has been discovered. To thwart this menace, the world’s now alien-dominated governments declare martial law and “ask” the aliens to help enforce it. Scientists everywhere are demonized and persecuted. Most people, uneasy with events but swayed by the pro-alien propaganda filling the media, go along with the new reality. The aliens have reduced Earth to a de facto colonial possession and now set about stealing its resources.

When I originally saw the show, the fake scientist conspiracy seemed like one of the least credible elements in it. Surely no one would believe claims of such a conspiracy and turn against the scientific community, and even aliens would realize that?

But look what’s happening now.

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