Racism is Alive and Thriving on the Left

found online by Raymond

From libertarian Michael A. LaFerrara at Principled Perspectives:

The op-ed was originally published for the Los Angeles Times (12/29/15) under the title, “The new racial generation gap.”

“America needs to invest” means, of course, the government needs to seize your money through taxes, and spend it according to the politicians’ criteria. But that’s not the worst of it.

The message to the young of this explicitly racist article is: Your identity is not your self-made character or your chosen values, goals, ideas, actions, or accomplishments. Your identity is your racial tribe. You as an individual are irrelevant. You do not have an independent mind and the capability of exercising it. You are not capable of taking care of yourself. You are nothing beyond what is expected of you by your tribal leaders. Your destiny is tied up in your genes or your blood, not your personal moral character, choices, values, and dreams.

Welcome to the Left’s “diversity” movement.

And you’re entitled: The world owes you a living.

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