Trump Says He Would Have Beaten Obama! Seriously?

found online by Raymond

From Michael J. Scott at MadMikesAmerica:

Regardless of what the short-fingered vulgarian or his loyal henchmen say, Barack Obama would have destroyed Trump in an election match-up say several informal polls. Quite frankly, had Clinton not been such a flawed candidate and a regular and constant target of the press, she would have destroyed Donald Trump, before he had a chance to destroy us.

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1 thought on “Trump Says He Would Have Beaten Obama! Seriously?”

  1. Trump’s electoral victory comes from fewer than 100k votes across three states (Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania), amounting to about .1% of the people who voted. Conservatives maintain that this is better than *3 million* additional people in California–30 times the number of voters who gave Trump his victory–“deciding the election” by popular vote.

    What is the margin of victory under which we can say that one candidate “destroyed” another? Obama defeated Romney by 126 electoral votes, but that only amounted to about 5 million voters. His victory was more decisive against McCain: 192 more electoral votes and almost 10 million more voters. However, that was still just 10 million voters out of 130 million. There were still 60 million voters who preferred McCain and Romney–and, somehow, 63 million people who preferred Trump. If Obama could only win by such a margin and an unqualified, unprecedented disgrace like Donald Trump could win the electoral vote and narrow the popular vote margin even further, then it is clear that our country is not in a state in which one candidate can come around and sweep the vote. But that should have been clear enough already.

    Note in those numbers that Trump did *better* than McCain and Romney by 2-3 million votes. Clinton also got the same overall turnout that Obama did in 2012: just under 66 million. I agree that Clinton was a flawed candidate and that the press did everyone a disservice by (1) focusing so much on her e-mail like it was equivalent to all of Trump’s flaws and (2) failing to explore and question their policies, but I don’t think that “destroying” Trump was in the cards for Democrats this time.

    My takeaway from the election is this: we have a flawed electoral system; Republicans don’t care that we have a flawed electoral system; our major news networks are not very good at their jobs; and roughly half of voters are willing to hand the presidency over to a corrupt, crude, dishonest, small-minded, myopic, Twitter-obsessed, pandering, inconsistent, undiplomatic, thin-skinned, whiny, self-obsessed billionaire who has never held public office, who has not shown any genuine concern for anyone but himself, and who shows little respect for traditionally stated Republican values, either to spite “the establishment” or because they actually like him. I knew the first few things already, but I really expected better from this country regardless of how people felt about Clinton.

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