Memories of 2004

found online by Raymond

From driftglass:

Back in 2004, we on side of the angels were staggered to discover that 62M Americans would choose to put their higher cognitive functions in cold storage and instead take council of their fear and spite and invincible ignorance by handing the country back to a manifestly and criminally incompetent administration led by an idiot who had gotten creamed in every presidential debate.

(Fun fact! Within five years, most of the meatheads and weasels who were crowing from the rooftops in 2004, touting George Bush as the greatest leader since Charlemagne and bragging about making the Libtards cry were busy doing exactly what we predicted they would do: burning their Bush/Cheney lawn signs, calling themselves “Independents” and swearing on the lives of their children that they had never even heard of George W. Bush.)

So as you might imagine, the question of “What to do next?” came up a lot.

Here was one loud and clear reply to that question from the late Steve Gilliard.

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