Keith Lamont Scott and the Visuals of Brutality

found online by Raymond

From Darcwonn at The Intersection of Madness and Reality:

Days ago, a great confidant by the name of Anthony Haskins noted that he wasn’t going to watch anymore videos of black men being killed by police. When I read this, I was fully supportive. From my perspective, watching videos of people being killed can have a negative effect on you. With so much happening in this country (and the world), replaying scenes of death and destruction disrupts the mind and numbs the soul. Plus, the last thing this country needs is an apathetic Black man that is “getting used to it”. Thus, I agreed because I didn’t want Anthony “getting used to it”.

Oh, by the way: “getting used to it” is a reference to “getting used to seeing black bodies become soulless by cop killings”.

Yet, I may just be the master of selling medicine that I’m not willing to take. You see, I took the plunge. I actually made time out of my life to watch the video that Rakeyia Scott (Keith Lamont Scott’s wife) filmed.

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