Donald Trump Please Shut Up

found online by Raymond

From The Big Empty:

I’m not a sports fan so I haven’t been closely following Colin Kaepernick’s ride into the 5th level of Right-Wing Nutjob Hell. While I totally agree with Kaepernick–his act, his right, and his intent–I personally think that, from a bottom line perspective, it’s oftentimes counterproductive for an athlete or a celebrity to express his or her views openly. Whether they are left, right, or center, it always seems to impact negatively their careers as both business owners, corporations and advertisers do not appreciate controversy of any kind.

But hey, it’s certainly their choice and I wouldn’t deny (how could I?) any famous person the opportunity to express his or her opinion especially in this case where creepy Donald Trump (as always) butts in like a crazy relative, and tries to focus the attention upon himself (as always) by saying something hypocritically stupid and nonsensical (as always).

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