Netanyahu Tries to Appropriate American Grief over Orlando

found online by Raymond

From Jon Perr at PERRspectives:
June 20 2016

A week after the slaughter of 49 people in The Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, there is still much we don’t know. Topping the list is Omar Mateen’s motivation for his mass killing. The long-troubled 29 year old American son of Afghan immigrants hardly fits the mold of so-called “radicalization.” Mateen’s lack of religious commitment and his virulent (and possibly self-loathing) anti-gay fury don’t neatly square with his pledge to the Islamic State at the very end of his life. Just what really happened in the dark nexus where religious zealotry, homophobia, mental illness and America’s gun pathology converge remains a mystery.

But this we do know. The highest officials in the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu government would have us believe Orlando is historically part of Greater Israel and The Pulse is its eternal capital.

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