Sheriff Joe is Not a Good Guy


She was getting angrier as we argued on the Church parking lot. She controlled her irritation at my unreasonable position. But, finally, she had had enough. She pointed her finger at me and spoke deliberately. “When you get to be my age…”

The words went through my head: “I’m in love.” She had no idea how much younger she was than was I.

It was years ago. We sometimes tell the story together, and she makes a point of assuring me I still look much younger than my age.

Our argument is lost to me now. I wonder if she remembers it. It probably had to do with some change in ritual.
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The ‘Trump May Be Mental’ Caucus Goes Bipartisan

found online by Raymond

From Frances Langum:

This post is not meant to take mental illness, Alzheimer’s, or any other cognitive deficiency lightly. What I do take lightly is the claim that Republicans are “finally” noticing that something ain’t quite right with Donald Trump’s brain.

Because, really?

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Preaching Love or Fear, It Matters Not, Non-Christians Still Go to Hell

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From The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser:

According to Darren Wilson, founder and CEO of WP Films and a Christian filmmaker, preaching God’s wrath and judgment is the wrong way to preach the gospel to sinners. Wilson, an Evangelical, certainly believes Hell awaits all those who reject Jesus and his awesome offer of salvation, but the best way to reach sinners is to preach up the God of love. In a recent Charisma article, Wilson described his God is love gospel this way:

Jesus loves you. Jesus died for you. Jesus wants to change you, make you into the person you were always intended to be. To focus on what’s coming is to miss the point entirely. Jesus isn’t fire insurance for some future event. He is now. He is present in your circumstances and your life right here.

Forget all that judgment, wrath, and hell stuff. No need to fear God, sinners. Jesus l-o-v-e-s you and has a wonderful plan for your life. The problem, of course, with this kind of gospel is that the Bible says a hell of a lot about the gospel that Wilson wants Evangelicals to stop preaching.

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GOP Priority: Giving the Trumps a Multi-Billion Dollar Tax Windfall

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From Jon Perr at PERRspectives:

Republican leaders in Congress may not be ready to abandon Donald Trump, but there’s little doubt about their growing discomfort with the president of the United States. Supposedly shocked by Trump’s coddling of white supremacists in the wake of the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker questioned Trump’s ability to either the “demonstrate the stability” or “competence” required of presidents. A sheepish House Speaker Paul Ryan told a CNN town hall that Trump “messed up” in his handling of the neo-Nazi thuggery in Virginia and proclaimed, “This bigotry is counter to all this country stands for.” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, under assault from Trump after the GOP failure to repeal Obamacare, hasn’t spoken to the president in weeks and, according to the New York Times, “privately expressed uncertainty that Mr. Trump will be able to salvage his administration after a series of summer crises.”

With the summer Congressional recess about to end, the GOP’s best and brightest are planning a post-Labor Day payback for the president. His punishment? A massive tax cut windfall for the wealthy that will redirect billions of dollars from the United States Treasury to Donald Trump and his children.

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On Impeachment

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From Infidel753:

As the possibility of impeachment becomes more concrete, I’m sensing a certain amount of negativity toward the idea on the left. Some seem to worry that (a) it can’t really happen because the Republicans who control Congress will never go along with it, and (b) even if it did happen, it might actually be a bad thing because the Republican regime would become more effective with a less incompetent and divisive leader (Pence) in place, while the resistance would grow weaker without the baroquely obnoxious figure of Trump to energize it. Both of these concerns are misguided.

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Record Breaking Loser

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From Iron Knee Political Irony:

Donald Trump has broken a presidential record. He has now achieved the lowest approval rating in his first year in office of any president, ever, and he even has five months left in his first year! The first year is supposed to be the honeymoon, so Trump can expect to go downhill from here.

So what happens next? I mean, besides Trump’s cowardly attempt to use a natural disaster (Hurricane Harvey) to hide his pathetic pardon of racist Joe Arpaio, again attack transgendered soldiers, and piss off conservatives by booting out Sebastian Gorka.

Could Trump go any lower?

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Andrew Sullivan and Wingnut Welfare

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From driftglass:

Bridges may collapse. Hospitals, schools and shopping malls may be abandoned and become home to field mice and tumbleweed and roving bands of Jill Stein voters. Hurricanes may wash whole counties away, and actual fascists may overrun the United States government. But come figurative Hell or literal high water, you may always count on the fact that Beltway will always find a way to make damn sure sure its legions of useless, card-carrying hacks and has-beens never miss a meal.

For example, a few years ago, America’s most famous gay, Catholic, Tory, “True Conservative” NY Magazine non-blogger and Washington D.C. shut-in, Andrew Sullivan, was having regular, well-remunerated in-print freakouts over the horrors of Teh!Encroaching!Liberal!McCarthyism!

The left is turning really, really ugly again.

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Paul Ryan Spits Hottest Hot Fire Over Pardon of Racial Profiler Joe Arpaio

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From Tommy Christopher:

Donald Trump’s decision to pardon convicted racial profiler Sheriff Joe Arpaio under cover of Hurricane Harvey has been met with widespread condemnation outside of Trump’s rabid base. But every once in awhile, a leader comes along to take a stand that others can only tremble in awe at.

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