We Don’t Serve Your Kind

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From tengrain at Mock Paper Scissors:

Yahoo News:

Two men who ordered programs for their September wedding from a popular printing company but instead received a boxful of anti-gay pamphlets warning, “Satan entices your flesh with evil desires,” have filed a lawsuit claiming breach of contract and emotional pain.

Well, that’s a turd in the punchbowl now, innit?

This isn’t just denying service do to a deeply held religious beliefs, this is an attack. The programs arrived on the day of their wedding, so there was no time for much to correct what happened.

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Grace at Bargain Basement Prices

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From driftglass:

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Mr. David Brooks of The New York Times refuses the give up on his ridiculous fairy tale that just below the surface of his Republican Party of Bigots and Imbeciles there exists a vast but hidden wellspring of decent, honorable Republican lawmakers.

They are led by Tom Cotton, they are always right on the verge of remaking the Republican Party in David Brooks’ image (David Brooks from November 5, 2014) —

The big Republican accomplishment is that they have detoxified their brand. Four years ago they seemed scary and extreme to a lot of people. They no longer seem that way. The wins in purple states like North Carolina, Iowa and Colorado are clear indications that the party can at least gain a hearing among swing voters. And if the G.O.P. presents a reasonable candidate (and this year’s crop was very good), then Republicans can win anywhere. I think we’ve left the Sarah Palin phase and entered the Tom Cotton phase.

— and their good works are being thwarted by one and only one bad actor named Donald Trump (David Brooks from January 12, 2018)

And there are decent, normal human beings and admirable people like Senator Tom Cotton who wants to sharply cut immigration. And they think they can divide their views on immigration, which are purely policy views, from the white identity, racial undertones that Donald Trump has now permanently — or not permanently — but has taken into this party.

And that is not possible. If you want to restrict immigration, which is a legitimate point of view — I disagree with it, but it is a legitimate point of view — somebody like Tom Cotton has an extra burden to rise up against what Donald Trump said, to show, hey, restricting immigration is not synonymous with bigotry…

Got that?

According to Mr. David Brooks, his Republican Party was doing just fine until Donald Trump took “permanently — or not permanently” white identity, racial “undertones” into it.

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Visiting Professor Singles Out Student for Ridicule, Gets Humiliated

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From PZ Myers:

And then…boom, a student stood up and spoke out for the young man with anxiety, and the whole class walked out. There’s video of the woman who spoke against the professor’s attitude.

This girl really made Guelph proud today by standing up to our sub prof for degrading and disrespecting a special need student #ugogirl❤️💛 pic.twitter.com/dD9aFkCz2x

— kiara butler (@kiara_butler6) January 16, 2018

Wow. That is exactly the kind of integrity and outspokenness I want for all of my students. I just have to try to avoid deserving the criticisms Hedican got — which actually isn’t too hard. It’s bad news when a fellow professor can’t even clear that low bar.

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Nothing We Didn’t Know

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From Vixen Strangely at Strangely Blogged:

So, the disgraceful comments that Trump is alleged to have said with respects to calling Haiti and El Salvador and the African countries from which new Americans hope to come, don’t surprise me, and I am mostly disgusted by the idea that there even should be an argument about what he meant based on whether he said “shithole” countries or “shithouse”. The jist is the same. Senators Perdue and Cotton might feel fine temporarily assuming they did not hear what he said, and then pretending they heard no “shithole commentary”. But we can all know very well what the White House immigration policy is, and in the meanwhile, Senator Graham knows what he knows, and the word is Trump even bragged to friends about dropping that nasty “shithole” statement about whole countries of people.

He said this about millions of human beings, all equal in dignity to himself, all endowed by their Creator with the inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. He said this. There should not be a mistake in pretending that this is not either anything he would have said or historically proved himself to believe.

The very worst thing he could think to say about his predecessor was that he might be born in Kenya. The people who voted for Trump don’t understand what an international boob his comments make him seem.

But this isn’t new news. Trump is a racist–big whoop. The main argument shouldn’t be “shithole” vs “shithouse” but whether his policies are unconstitutional and also really bad in outcomes and how they represent the US.

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Preachers Believing the Word of Trump, Not the Word of God

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From Mark Bear at MadMikesAmerica:

It’s important you understand I have sufficient faith in my God that should He wish to get in touch with you, He can do so and He in no way needs me to do so. I am NOT trying to proselytize you.

I am, however, about to lose my metaphorical mind over here. During the campaign, if you watched most of it, you noticed a familiar face from evangelical circles, well, actually two; Franklin Graham, and none other than the eminent Dr. Robert Jeffress, who has since banned me from his Facebook page, due to me calling him out on his endorsement of Trump.

Let me be perfectly clear: Every single citizen in these United States has a right to choose the candidate they believe will do the best job for the nation. Dr. Jeffress and I just disagree with HIS REASONS he endorsed Mr. Trump. You see, he didn’t endorse Mr. Trump because he thought he would bring jobs to the country, oh no.

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Darrell Issa’s Strangely Partisan Trip Is Ending

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From Jonathan Bernstein:

Darrell Issa is the second California Republican to retire from the House of Representatives this week, joining Ed Royce, the chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Democrats are now favored to pick up the seat that Issa had won very narrowly in 2016.

He won’t be missed in Congress.

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Pastor’s Sermon On Trump Turns Mike Pence’s Face Red

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From Frances Langum:

It appears to be Mike Pence’s job to sit there.

He sits there while Donald Trump says “shithole countries,” and he sits there while a pastor tells a congregation that that comment was racist and shameful.

Only when he has to praise Trump to the skies in a cabinet meeting does he actually take a stand on anything. So much for your good Christian background, Mike.

Pastor Maurice Watson didn’t hold back.

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The Bloody Twins

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From Infidel753:

We find ourselves in the midst of a low-intensity but intermittently-deadly war which we can only fight effectively if we understand it properly. It appears to be a war between the two “occupation zones” into which our civilization has been divided for more than a millennium, and the enemy, the real enemy, wants you to believe that that is indeed what’s going on.

In fact, it’s a war being waged by that enemy — the “occupiers” in both regions — against the mass of people in both regions. But they also strike at each other’s subjects, paradoxically, in an effort to inflame us all, and to drag us all down into the bloody morass of violence and slavery they seek to impose.

These “occupiers” are not physical armies but ideas, ideas possessing a terrifying power to take over and rule human brains, like parasites. Today they are inflamed with hate and rage because more and more humans are breaking free of their toxic control. They have names — Christianity and Islam, the bloody twins.

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