Why the FBI Ignored the High School Shooter – They Had To


It was a major event. Decades after all the main witnesses have passed into history, Frederick Tiffany’s son is still sought out for interviews.

Guys were running towards the woods.

Even after Trooper Tiffany fired a warning shot, they were still running, trying to find an escape. Jeff Tiffany is interviewed by Mike Tanzini for Channel 34 in Binghamton.

And he was ordered to fire a second warning shot because the first one, they didn’t stop running. The second shot they stopped running.

And one of the biggest reversals in law enforcement history began.
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Wrong Turn Into Heaven’s Largest Gay Neighborhood

found online by Raymond

From The Onion:

THE HEAVENS—As he entered the Pearly Gates and walked the gold-paved streets of God’s Eternal Kingdom, the late Rev. Billy Graham was reportedly so overwhelmed Wednesday by the great majesty before him that he did not at first notice he had taken a turn leading him down the main thoroughfare of heaven’s largest gay enclave. “Oh no, oh—Where am I, exactly?”

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Cathy McMorris-Rogers Is the NRA’s Best GF

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From tengrain at Mock Paper Scissors:

We note with chagrin that Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers fundraising event that would feature auctioning off an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle—just like the type used to hunt free-range high school students in Florida—is now changing course:

“After POLITICO contacted the committee on Tuesday afternoon, the Stevens County Republican Party removed mentions of the AR-15 and a plan to offer a Ruger 10-22 .22-caliber rifle as a door prize from the event’s website. The organization was still considering how to proceed with the auction, its chair said.

“Then, after the POLITICO report was published on Tuesday evening, the committee made a final decision to nix the AR-15.”

Tuesday? They didn’t think this was bad optics until YESTERDAY?

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America: A History of Racism or the History of Individualism?

found online by Raymond

From libertarian Michael A. LaFerrara:

February is Black History Month. It’s an interesting time, because two diametrically opposed views come to the fore. One view sees the history of Blacks in America as a failure of the American experiment. The opposite view sees the history of Blacks as an American success story—black liberation.

In “honor” of Black History Month, The Washington Post ran an op-ed by a historian and college professor titled Black history is U.S. history — but some of my students don’t want to hear it. It is written by Donald Earl Collins, associate professor of history at the University of Maryland University College. The article’s subtitle is “History class should be the last place where we stop talking about race.”

I agree: We should be talking about race—how America makes race irrelevant in life. That, however, is not Collins’s message, which is why I put the word honor in scare quotes.

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Time to End Private Ownership of Assault Weapons!

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From Jack Jodell at The Saturday Afternoon Post:

The Second Amendment to our Constitution guarantees the right of all citizens to bear firearms. However, it does NOT guarantee anyone’s right to own military-style weaponry, nor does it guarantee the right to indiscriminately murder innocent civilians! Those who claim that any attempt to regulate or restrict gun ownership of any kind are rabble-rousing LIARS who are needlessly paranoid and who are aiding and abetting future mass killings – PERIOD!

These people need to realize that the mere prohibition of owning such weapons does NOT mean the government is trying to “take away our guns!”

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Not Again!

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From Max’s Dad:


Yeah its all you kids fault for not being meddling enough. Trump the moral leper took time off from watching Fox News and its moral creeps to tweet out a blame game tweet blaming the kids for not ratting out a troubled teen. For chrissakes, if every troubled teen was turned in to the cops, well there’d still be full high schools cuz the cops wouldnt do a damn thing once they found out the troubled teen was white.

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Let’s Just Hide from the Truth, Washington Post Style

found online by Raymond

From Green Eagle:

A couple of brief excerpts from the Washington Post today. First, this remark from Paul Waldman:

“Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation, and the Russia scandal in general, are driving this president around the bend, to the point where he is setting himself against not just the government he leads but also the interests of the United States of America. And everything we’ve seen up to now suggests that it will only get worse.”

You see, the President “setting himself against …the interests of the United States of America” is about nothing but him being “around the bend,” whatever that is supposed to mean. Waldman doesn’t dare mention the real reason for this behavior: The Russians put him in office, and destroying the security of the United States is the price he agreed to pay for that favor. I do not believe for a second that Waldman doesn’t know this perfectly well, but he gets paid to slide our attention away from this fact by any means possible.

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Earprints as Criminal Evidence

found online by Raymond

From The Journal of Improbable Research:

“An earprint is an impression of the external ear. House breakers may leave their earprints inadvertently when they listen at doors and windows to check if there is anyone inside before breaking and entering a premises. Owing to uniqueness and individualistic characteristics of the human ear, earprints can be used as evidence to link a criminal with the crime. In the recent past, many suspected thieves have been convicted and several burglaries linked due to the presence of similar earprints.”

So writes Professor Kewal Krishan of Panjab University, India, in ‘Identification: Prints – Ear (Earprints)’, in the Encyclopedia of Forensic and Legal Medicine (Second Edition) 2016.

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Don Jr. Applauds Poor In India for Smiling

found online by Raymond

From Frances Langum:

I have three questions:

What is Don Jr. doing in India?

What the hell?

And why is Saturday Night Live on hiatus for the Olympics? Because this is gold medal comedy right here.

According to reports, Donald Trump Jr. is in India to promote Trump Tower Delhi, a condo development featuring 254 apartments ranging from $850,000 to $1.7 million, along with three other similar condo projects across India. Individuals who make a commitment to buy a a Trump ™ condo (this week only!) can dine with Don Jr. Don Jr. has secret service protection for the trip and is also meeting with Prime Minister Modi during his visit, so no appearance of corruption there, amirite?

Wrong it’s totally the appearance of corruption.

He also took time out to appear on a panel on Indian TV, where he praised the poor in India for smiling.

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