The Land of Confusion

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From Vixen Strangely at Strangely Blogged:

Things are different in Trump’s America, especially for travelers. It looks like ICE and CPB alike are feeling newly empowered, although what they are supposed to be doing differently under the Trump Administration is still a bit blurry–but here are some things that simply don’t seem alright at all that have happened lately:

Border Patrol Agents Stop Domestic Travelers at New York Airport  Now, CPB can explain that they were working with ICE to try to locate an individual asked to leave the country, but somehow, this sure looked to people caught up in it rather like they were being asked to sort out whether their “papers were in order”. The law cited referred to persons or items arriving from outside the US–but this was a domestic flight. This really feels twisted, to me.

Deported With A Valid U.S. Visa, Jordanian Says Message Is ‘You’re Not Welcome’  This is not a good message to give to the world.

British Muslim teacher denied entry to US on school trip  The last I checked, the UK is not part of the seven countries from which entry was supposed to be stopped, and this individual was not even a dual-citizenship holder. The only suspect thing was religion. This is bigotry.

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A Public Service Announcement about the Oscars

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We found this last night, but James is always worth reading: even a day late.
From Wisconsin conservative James Wigderson:

Tonight a bunch of overpaid actors and actresses are going to engage in an orgy of self-congratulations about how wonderful they are. Many of them will forget their actual place in the world to take the opportunity to make political statements, irritating half the country that voted for Donald Trump, and even many of us who didn’t.

I haven’t watched the Oscars since that awful movie Shakespeare in Love won best picture*. If the director had any integrity, he would’ve burned every print available and thrown himself on the pyre before allowing Miramax to distribute it. That it won the year after the even more awful American Beauty won best picture was the final straw.

If you truly love the movies, TCM has two great films back-to-back tonight:

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Why President Al Franken Isn’t a Joke

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From Michael Kinsley:

The character called Al Franken would occasionally say things that a Senate candidate named Al Franken would not. Nor would the Senate candidate Al Franken necessarily want every word he uttered when brainstorming with other writers on S.N.L. to become public. Franken’s opponent in his first Senate campaign, in 2008, tried to make an issue of all this—thinking, or at least hoping, that the clean-living people of Minnesota might find the whole business a bit postmodern.

It almost worked. Franken had to go through a recount and a state Supreme Court battle before taking his seat several months late. He was comfortably re-elected in 2014.

This is Al Franken’s moment. Four years from now, he’ll be 69, younger than Trump or Hillary during the 2016 campaign. Four years after that, and he’ll be too old. As recently as, say, six months ago, I would have said that, however much I might admire Al Franken, the idea of a comedian (a comedian on purpose) as president was beneath the dignity of the United States. But we have learned more recently that nothing is beneath the dignity of the United States.

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Dirty Books: Quantifying Patterns of Use in Medieval Manuscripts Using a Densitometer

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From The Journal of Improbable Research:

“The dirt ground into the margins of medieval manuscripts is one of their interpretable features, which can help us to understand the desires, fears, and reading habits of the past.”

– explains researcher Dr Kathryn M. Rudy who is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Art History, of the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

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The Bystander

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From Stinque:

However you game it — impeachment, resignation, 25th Amendment, cholesterol poisoning, capture by flying monkeys — the one person who stands to immediately benefit from Donald Trump’s involuntary rapture is Mike Pence.

And honestly, that would be fine with us. Mike Pence may be evil, but he’s conventionally evil, predictably evil, the kind of evil that doesn’t make you seriously question whether humanity itself will survive him. We can work with that.

Pence is also smart as a weasel, ably distancing himself from the chaos surrounding his boss. He has no role, public or rumored, in the mess that’s unfolding, aside from being pissed that a notorious liar would, heaven forfend, lie to him. Mike Pence is stalwartly Above the Fray.

But when the moment comes for Mike Pence to step up and lead America out of its latest national nightmare, there’s just one problem:

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Something Wicked This Way Comes

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From The Big Empty:

via The Washington Examiner:

“They are party loyalists,” Schumer continued. “He’s given them a Supreme Court nominee that they want, but my prediction is that if he keeps up on this path, which is likely — I don’t think he’ll change, within three to four months, you’ll going to see a whole lot of Republicans breaking with him. And that’s the salvage of America. That’s the hope of America.”

Sen. Chuck Schumer made the prediction today that he believed Trump would be gone by this summer. Although I appreciate his optimism, I’m not sure that will happen as quickly as he hopes.

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The Case Against Violence

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From Infidel753:

There are differences of opinion over whether initiating violence (that is, committing violence other than in self-defense) has any proper role in our opposition to the dangerous fascists and bigots emboldened by the rise of Trumpism. I’m not talking about violence or aggression against neutral or uninvolved persons, such as smashing store windows or blocking traffic — such behavior must be avoided, and condemned unequivocally whenever it happens. Not only is it wrong in itself, it can only turn its victims again the people perpetrating it. Rather, I mean the kind of action exemplified by the much-debated Richard Spencer punch. Neo-Nazis, KKK supporters, and the like advocate violence, or at least identify with ideologies notorious for using it. Why not give them a taste of their own chosen medicine?

It’s a question on which I personally haven’t yet come to a conclusion

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Attack of the Boy Doll

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From tengrain at Mock Paper Scissors:

Remember that time Jerry Falwell attacked the Tellytubbies because one of the genderless critters carried a purse? Yeah, well, we have a new entry in the genre! Let’s meet Reverend Keith A. Ogden who seems to think that the American Girl Doll Company has an agenda because they now make… American Boy dolls!

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Take Heart, America—You’re Already Great

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From John Pavlovitz:

Hey America,

I know the past few months have been rough. I know your self-esteem is in the toilet. I know you’re looking around at Canada and Australia and the UK, and you’re feeling really insecure about yourself right about now.

I get it. No one would blame you. You’ve spent the last year hearing over and over that your luster’s gone, that you’re damaged goods, that you’re a mess someone inherited; that your greatness is well past tense and that you need someone to return you to your former glory.

Don’t believe it my friend, that’s a gaslighter’s lie. You are presently fully glorious.

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